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Customer email from Sept 2018

‘RoboCallWall - Return your phone back to a simpler time’ (feel free to use that one in an Ad). It is the most flexible and effective blocker that I’ve found. I sometimes wonder who the phone ‘customer’ is anymore. It sure isn’t the person paying the phone bill.

There are several call-blockers out there for land lines. Some are services such as NoMoRobo that use the simultaneous ring feature. Picture the home phone ringing both at home and at a vacation house, except that the ‘vacation house’ is a server farm at NoMoRobo that reads the caller ID, recognizes a spammer, picks up the phone and hangs it back up all before the second ring. This service does work half of the time.

NoMoRobo does have its limitations because they determine what constitutes what is a legitimate call (Hint: it’s not the same as your wish-list). It won’t block calls from aggressive Charities (no good deed goes unpunished) and collection calls from a legitimate business. Are you late on a bill? Deserving or not, being blasted out of bed at 8AM on Saturday morningis an awful time to be reminded (Forget about ignoring it, as they’ll call back again and again). It is supposed to block Political calls, but that ‘202’ area code on your ringing phone is a sign that it doesn’t work. What do you want for free?

The phone company provides a semblance of help. I have Verizon and their website will allow me to enter 100 numbers to the block list. Thanks guys….way to go. You’ll fill up that list in a week. It always has to be a 10-digit number. Just useless.

Now on to the call blocking devices: Almost all of them come loaded with known spam numbers. Known spam numbers do change, so I guess you’ll have to go buy an updated one every so often. Some blockers can be programmed with additional numbers by typing them in or by hitting a big red block button. I am usually not near the base unit when a call comes in, so hitting a big button is out. Programming the box by poking through their small LCD menu sounds exhausting. A web interface would be so much more useful. Blocking an entire area code is a feature that almost none of them have. Blocking an exchange? Forget about it. Almost a third of my calls spoof the same area code and exchange as my landline. The Neighbor Spoofs will almost certainly beat those cheap blockers every time.

Let’s get to RoboCallWall: It is about twice the price of the others, but it is in a different league. As Ben Franklin says “The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten”.

This device works well. It can connect up with any active phone jack in the house and doesn’t need to be crowding up the real estate near the phone base. I have mine hidden under the desk. It pretends to be a secondary phone. It has Wi-Fi, so it can get constant number updates from RoboCallWall’s server. You can access the server via an interface, so you can create your own block list and your own white list (good calls). It comes loaded with a huge bank of known spam numbers and there is a ton of room to add new blocked numbers.

The best feature and primary reason for purchase: You can program it to block an entire area code and/or exchange. I block the entire ‘202’ area code for political calls and then I block the first six digits of my own phone number to eliminate the neighbor spoofing. I have a few neighbors added to my white list, so they won’t be blocked. It keeps track of what comes in and will separate the unresolved numbers (rare to get), so you can add them to the block list or white list. I can control this device from my laptop or iPhone anywhere. Easy Peasy.

My phone is finally under control and customer support is outstanding. Just buy one and relax.


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